Invincible - The Back Story

It took me some time to figure out what song I should release first. Most of what I write is personal and mostly full of heart-break. There are not to many songs I have that tell the story of love and a happy ending. Maybe I have just been unlucky in that department and writing this song was a chance for me to share my thoughts. To many times when I thought things were going great, the first sign of a disagreement or issue, it would end abruptly with everyone running the other direction. I get it, no one wants to get hurt; especially if the hurt from past was brutal. What I think most people do not realize is..... those issues are necessary to make a relationship stronger. If you can work out your issues together early in a relationship, then later it will be so much easier. Or at least you know together you can overcome it.

Invincible has multiple parables hidden in the words. The first part is the best part, falling in love. It is the small things that happen without us even realizing until one day we wake up with the fear of losing that special someone. That is when we know it is real. The song tells the story of appreciating those "glimpses in time" that will always make you smile when you think about them.

The second part of the song is the darker part of the song. It talks about cruelty of life. Things are not going to always be rainbows and sunshine. The ship is going to rock and many times, you will have to fight just to crawl. This is when it is the most important to stick together. To figure out a way to overcome all that life throws your way.

The last part is the part we need to believe the most. Individually, you are weak. If both parties try to resolve there issues on their own and not together, then you are just wasting your time. However, if you come together as one and face the obstacles together, by definition, you are Invincible. 

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